Ichiban Ramen

Welcome to our restaurant! Come and try our dishes!


At Ichiban Ramen, you will enjoy a variety of fresh quality Japanese ramen and popular Asian dishes.

Our Chef’s offer traditional Japanese ramen that is focused on the broth to ensure it takes center stage by slowly simmering for more than 16 hours with whole pork bones, chicken, vegetables, and some classic Japanese ingredients. We created a brand new Rice bowl trend that we have called, K-Pop bowl which will bring popular Asian dishes in the form of rice bowls. We are also working on a modern-style Japanese ramen that will bring ramen craze to the next level. Not one of our dishes will be sub par at best. All together, we will create a mouth-watering menu that is sure to please everyone’s desires.

There's always something for everyone. If you find yourself lost or undecided upon looking at our vast menu, Our friendly, helpful, and professional staff will happily recommend you tasty dishes. We will make your experience pleasurable and worth the while. Come visit us to experience Japanese cuisine and Asian fusion to it’s finest!

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